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Current plots from the Snoqualmie Snow Study Site (917 meters) can be found here!

Recent additions to the Snow Study Site.

Soil Pit Installation, Snoqualime, Washington

News and updates

Sept. 2018 - Presenting at the upcoming International Conference on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction.

Sept. 2017 - Experimental (SnowCast) product launched.

April. 2017 - Best Paper at the 2017 Western Snow Conference.

April. 2017 - Paper highlighted in Early Career Climate Fourm. (LINK)

August. 2016 - Published paper on diagnosing the source of snow model errors in rain-snow transitional environment. (LINK)

August. 2016 - New study evaluates methods of predicting precipitation phase at a mountain site subject to cold air intrusions. (LINK).

April. 2016 - Began Post-doctoral Fellowship at the University of Saskatchewan, stationed at the Coldwater Hydrology Lab in Kananaskis, Alberta (Centre for Hydrology)

March. 2016 - Recieved Ph.D. from University of Washington

Dec. 2015 - Author of CIRMOUNT article, available here.

Oct. 2015 - Rain-on-Snow flooding paper published in WRR.

Aug. 2015 - Observational Snow data set now available at UW Research Works.

Mar. 2015 - Diagnosis of insidious data disasters paper in WRR here.

Jan. 2015 - Rain on snow floods in a changing climate Press Conference Video from AGU 2014.

Nov. 2014 - New High school module on Rain on Snow Flooding.

Aug. 2014 - Presentation at the Eastern Snow Conference June, 2014 Watch here!.

May 29th. 2014 - Timelapse from Winter 2014 at Snoqualmie! View here!.

May 10th. 2014 - NASA Earth Space Science Fellowship renewed for 2014-2015 year.

April. 2014 - Presentation at EGU, Vienna. Available Here.

June. 2013 - Paper published in the AMS Journal of Hydrometeorology, Available Here.

March. 2013 - NASA Earth Space Science Fellowship renewed for 2013-2014 year.

Sept. 2012 - Moved to Boulder for a 9 month stay at NCAR as part of the Graduate Vistor Program.

March. 2012 - Awarded an 2012 NASA Earth Space Science Fellowship.